Tell-IT provides various IT solutions for increased efficiency and smooth business operation. While we take care of your IT infrastructure, applications, integration efforts, and testing, you are free to focus on your business, expand your reach to additional organizations and industries, knowing you can rely on solid IT solutions, developed by experts. Solutions offered include:IT applications, products and Services

Consulting – assisting you with the design and selection of system components to ensure an optimal IT solution for your specific goals.

Custom Application Development – providing you with customizable applications tailored for your specific business needs and according to your specifications.

Application Management – simplifying application management processes, in a secure manner, even if your company utilizes numerous applications.

Business IT package solutions – gathering the information on required functionality and goals, and offering the right package solution to promote these goals.

Portals – designing and building business portals for any commercial activity.

Enterprise Solutions

Tell-IT provides solutions to help you design and manage complex enterprise systems, such as Help Desk solution, Supply Chain Management, Digital archive, Customer Relations Management (CRM), SAP,ERP, BI, system management, knowledge management, content management, data security, data warehouse, Disaster recovery (DRP) and Back up, Virtualization of old systems, system consolidation, IT Governance, and RFID. All of these systems are at the core of the enterprise operations and must be carefully designed and integrated to allow flexibility and scalability.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Management solutions

In today’s markets, the enterprise needs to be agile and quickly adapt to changing industry and technology trends. Using Tell-IT’s business intelligence and management solutions would help you stay up to date and efficiently manage your business processes and outcomes. Tell-IT offers knowledge management, business intelligence, business process management, and integration services.

IT Infrastructure Services

Almost every aspect of any business relies on the stability and performance of the IT infrastructure. Infrastructure design and management are highly crucial for a successful ongoing business operation, and must therefore be performed by experts in the field, who are familiar with the latest developments and technologies. Tell-IT offers you a complete array of services to build and manage your IT infrastructure, fit for your organization’s needs:

Services include:

Infrastructure analysis and cohesion

·         Onsite Data Center Management

·         Database optimization services (DBA)

·         Data management hosting

·         Security Services

·         System administration

·         IT Support Help Desk 24/7

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