Professional Services

Tell-IT Professional Services assigns professional teams at the client’s site or at Tell-IT’s premises to assist in the development, deployment, and operation of the systems. Services include mapping, recruiting and training of the work force, as well as the provision of multidisciplinary professional support.

Tell-IT professionals, includes project managers, systems analysts, team leaders, developers, system and help desk professionals, QA specialists and consultants in any specific area such as SAP, CRM, Oracle and more.
Migration and Re-engineering
Migrating your business logic and database into modern technologies, so that you can leverage investments in existing resources.
Integrating the various systems and applications utilized by your business in order to achieve a smooth operation and the ability to quickly expand your business.
Tell-IT provides comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure, communication, and computing solutions. Our customers benefit from a range of services in the areas of communication infrastructure (passive and active), computing (servers and workstations), operation, support, and application integration.
Tell-IT trains employees and end users as required, providing all of the professional materials needed. The content of the training, its scope, and its venue are tailored to meet client needs.
QA and Testing
·         Testingoffering various testing methodologies in order to allow for a faster introduction of applications and services, while ensuring quality. High quality assurance and software testing solutions are provided by using best practices and the most professional tests tools and process.
·         Quality Assurance – Tell-IT’s team consists of QA experts and experienced software testers who follow advanced work methods and methodologies proven worldwide. The company will diligently work on becoming ISO 9000 compliance in the near future.
Maintenance and support
Tell-IT offers system support for services, applications, servers, hardware, software and infrastructure. Using our IT service center and help desk, expert technicians support remote problems 24/7, with on-site service engineers if necessary. The service is provided based on SLA/SLM tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer.
IT outsourcing services
Tell-IT’s outsourcing services enable you to focus on your core business and prepare to assume total or partial responsibility for the information technology of your customers on-site or off-site. We provide professional staffing for projects, complete responsibility for IT management within the organization, and management of complete business processes. Tell-IT professionals carry out integrations of technologies, design of infrastructure systems, development and management of Internet-based systems, and the maintenance and operation of advanced complex applications.
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